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October 2016

LinkedIn to get Banned in Russia for not Complying with Data Localization Law

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The world’s largest online professional network LinkedIn could face a ban in Russia after the company has failed to comply with a Russian data localization law that compels companies to keep data on Russian users in their country.
If you are not aware, LinkedIn is the only major social network which is not banned in China, because the company agreed to cooperate with the Chinese government and remove controversial content.
However, LinkedIn could be the first social network in Russia to be blocked by the Russian state’s federal media regulator, called Roskomnadzor, for not complying with the rules.

source: http://bit.ly/2ex4Eoj

Megaupload 2.0 Will Outsource File-Hosting and Prevent Takedown Abuse

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The third incarnation of the popular Megaupload service just completed its first investment round, crowdfunding over a million dollars. With Kim Dotcom as the chief evangelist, the service hopes to revolutionize the file-sharing space next year. Interestingly, Megaupload 2.0 plans to outsource most of the storage to third-party providers and will manually review all takedown requests

Source: http://bit.ly/2eczM9g

Warner Bros. Claims Agency Ran its Own Pirate Movie Site

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Warner Bros. says a talent agency effectively ran its own pirate site when it ripped DVD screeners and streamed them to associates via Google servers. In a lawsuit filed Monday, Innovative Artists stands accused of copyright infringement and breaching the DMCA after screeners under its control leaked to torrent sites.

source: http://bit.ly/2ex0JYr