• Kicked Up Garlic Ribs on a GMG Davy Crockett Pellet Grill | Recipe

    Follow me as I make some of GMG’s recipe’s to see how they stack up to taste. Today we are going Grill the GMG Recipe “Kicked Up Garlic Pellet Smoked Baby Back Ribs” on the Green Mountain Grill’s website. I Love baby back ribs and BBQ so I wanted to see what my new Davy Crockett Wi-Fi pellet grill had to offer. The Davy Crockett Wi-Fi by Green Mountain Grill’s is a digital pellet smoker made by Green Mountain Grill’s that is Portable. It runs on 12 volt DC power and can go anywhere you have a battery, car, boat, solar panel, or wall plug.

    I picked up some ribs from store and used the Green Mountain Grill’s Pork Rub that came with my grill. I then added the “Dry Rub” from the GMG Recipe and followed the Steps. After marinating the ribs for about 4 hours, I kicked on the Davy Crockett and 180 Degree’s and waited for it to come to temperature. Once it was primed I tossed the rack of baby back ribs on the grill and started my “Kicked Up Baby Back Ribs” Profile from the Green Mountain Grill’s Wi-Fi app.

    Green Mountain Grills App Profile


    One the Profile was started I paid attention to the in App alerts to know when I needed to Flip the meat, baste and more. It is nice to have the peace of mind that the grill and your brain are on the same page when you are grilling. If you program it, the grill will follow.

    The Kicked up Garlic Ribs marinating. I tossed them with Green Mountain Grills Pork Rub and the Dry rub from the recipe. I marinated them for 4 hours before taking them out and bringing them to room temperature for an hour.


    Shot of the Kicked Up Garlic Ribs Sauced on the Davy Crockett. After grilling for 2 hours at 210 Degrees on both sides. Now we lower the grill temperature to 180 Degrees and consistently sauce every 30 minutes. I usually shoot for an internal temperature of 180 Degrees before I’m done.


    In the Last hour of cooking, Foil the ribs and keep basting them. When you hit internal temperature of 180 Degrees you should have a good finished product. Pull from the grill and rest for 20 minutes before slices and eating! Happy grilling from Defango, and we give this Green Mountain Grill Recipe 4 Stars.




    Recipe | Copied from Green Mountain Grills

    1 tablespoon fresh cracked Black Pepper
    1 tablespoon Onion Powder
    1 teaspoon Cayenne pepper powder
    1/2 teaspoon cumin
    1/2 teaspoon dry Mustard powder
    1/2 teaspoon smoked Paprika (or regular paprika if unavailable)
    1/4 cup Franks Red Hot or similar
    1/4 teaspoon Nutmeg
    2 racks of baby back pork ribs (white membrane removed)
    2.5 tablespoons Garlic powder
    3/4 cup your favorite GMG BBQ sauce

    These ribs are fall off of the bone delicious, and your guests will keep coming back for more!

    The Dry Rub
    2.5 tablespoons Garlic powder
    1 tablespoon Onion Powder
    1/2 teaspoon cumin
    1 teaspoon Cayenne pepper powder
    1/2 teaspoon dry Mustard powder
    1/2 teaspoon smoked Paprika (or regular paprika if unavailable)
    1/4 teaspoon Nutmeg
    1 tablespoon fresh cracked Black Pepper

    The Sauce
    1/4 cup Franks Red Hot or similar
    3/4 cup your favorite GMG BBQ sauce

    1. Let’s Get Started:
    2. Wash and pat dry the Ribs.
    3. Mix all the dry rub ingredients together.
    4. Rub the Ribs with the dry rub 2 hours before or the night before.
    5. Combine the ingredients for the sauce, refrigerate and set aside.
    6. Set the grill at about 180°. Let the temperature stabilize before you put the ribs in.
    7. Smoke the ribs for 5 hours (depending on outside temperature). During the last hour apply the sauce to the ribs.
  • Crystal elementals descend from above | Gaia Portal

    Crystal elementals descend from above.

    Magic points are noted by all Gaia beings.

    Unification becomes priority energetically.

    Life paths are unveiled as individuals relax.

    Portentions are released, as collectives embrace.

    Message From Gaia Portal

    Read by Defango


  • The Elite are Preparing/World Warning | BPEarthwatch

    Are you Ready for the Global Currency Reset? St Germain’s funds have been set for quite some time and the Dragon Family is going to be helping take care of the last of the bankers. The Bankers are trying to create the collapse but they are unaware that most if not all of there funds are actually our funds already.

    December 2015/Are You Ready? Could it be War and a Global Currency Reset.

  • By Divine Appointment – 11:11 Progress Group

    Urantia, November 15, 2015.
    Teacher: The Beloved One.
    Subject: “By Divine Appointment.”

    Message received by Lytske.

    The Beloved One: “Finally, we are once more on the same page, so I can endeavor to divulge more insights to you, my faithful student. The subject title says it all; that not only you, but all thinking humans hopefully eventually realize that they are living on earth by Divine Appointment. Just this one realization ought to give anyone food for thought as to how they personally are fulfilling their divine appointment.

    “Of course there will always be those, who do not give much thought to the reason why they are alive and what their purpose in life is. Then there are those who might give it some cursory thought and leave it at that until some crisis happens or perhaps advancing age makes them think about their future.

    “The next category embraces those, who have cultivated the habit of being grateful for all blessings received. It takes an optimistic view of life to keep going despite the usual hardships on this planet. At an early age they adopt a lifestyle of: ‘when the going gets tough, the tough get going.’ These become the ones who courageously cultivate perseverance through self-discipline, which in turn helps them to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles by living day by day.

    “In this manner, the future tends to take care of itself. They are not overmuch bothered by the past as they are too busy living in the present. These mortals early realize that there is much more to life than meets the eye, often through some sort of difficulty, hardship or unforeseen happening and they start thinking about the meaning of life and may discover that a mysterious ‘Force’ lives inside them, which unbeknownst to them was there all along through the highs and lows of life.

    “Blessed are those who make the personal connection with the ‘Force’ within, that has been propelling them all along, and sooner or later they sense that they are alive by divine appointment and in earnest they begin to seek God’s will in life.

    “Consider yourself blessed, child, that you are beginning to realize that you, too, are here by divine appointment and are more clearly beginning to sense your purpose in life. How you can be of greater service to ‘The All That Is,’ meanwhile enriching your soul through performing loving service, even though you don’t realize the extent of it all. In simple terms, you are beginning to fulfill your divine blueprint, given to each mortal born on the worlds of space.

    “Great and unfathomable is the generosity of the Creator, who gives all humans the prerogative of free will to choose to answer the call of becoming perfect like the Creator is perfect if they desire wholeheartedly to come back Home. In order to do so the Creator endows mortals with minds to think so they can choose how to grow their eternal souls, especially with an on-board Partner, a personal Spark from the Universal Creator Himself.

    “All thinking mortals on this planet are here by Divine Appointment to choose eternal life by evolving their souls through loving service with love, tolerance and forgiveness toward one another in truth, beauty and goodness.

    “Do remind yourselves of this.”

    Edited by Linda Abell.

    © The 11:11 Progress Group.
    I Am the Satisfaction of Your Soul — The Beloved One.

    www.1111AkashicConstruct.com 11:11 Store

  • New Signals from Space/Could be of Intelligent Origin | BPEarthwatch

    Released, November 27 2015, Could this be part of a Predictive Programming Setup done by the government in conjunction with Pepsi. Check out the VIDEO. Astronomers have picked up Five mysterious unidentified radio signals that could originate from OUTSIDE the Milky Way.

    Only 11 of the unidentified transient radio pulses have been recorded before around the world.

    And it is the curious new double blast – which was accompanied by four “singles” – which has baffled astronomers analysing data from the Parkes radio telescope in New South Wales, Australia.

    Emily Petroff from Swinburne University, in Melbourne, one of the team who discovered the signals, believes the origin could be more remarkable than anything recorded before.

    She tweeted: “We have no idea what’s going on, but we know it’s definitely something cool.


  • A Long List of Ills – 11:11 Progress Group

    Illawarra District, Australia, November 5, 2015.
    Teacher: Midwayer Chief, Bzutu (ABC-22).
    Subject: “A Long List of Ills.”

    Message received by George Barnard.

    Bzutu: “This is Midwayer Chief Bzutu or ABC-22, as I am referred to by most. Over centuries past I have become one of the most pre-eminant Progress Chiefs during all of my tenures as leader by virtue of my treating all personalities and important things as equal in value and yes, without bias. Today, by subscriber (and George’s) invitation, I do add, I will speak about fundamental values.”

    George: “No holds barred. Counting on it.”

    Bzutu: “‘No holds barred,’ says he! Indeed, that’s what your behavior has been of late. Your fundamental values are as non-existent as they possibly can be. Do you reflect upon the fact that life has gone on … of a sort? You see young adults ‘out there’ with their children, as it always was? And you wonder what kind of life their youngsters will inherit? What kind of world will be theirs? What kind of reality they will ascribe to? Will they know truth, beauty and goodness and God’s Will?

    “In truth, your Western, so-called democratic civilizations, are on the brink. Your national departments of defense are infinitely more like departments of offense, we haven’t failed to notice. And it is clear to all that you cannot be, remain or become, the biggest, most important or the best by destroying ‘the kings’ of the broken countries around you. Surely the universe will not forget and the infinite law of karma will be a part of you, like an ugly birthmark that simply refuses to wash off. It is time for talks and agreements, cold showers for some, less hubris and letting all sanctions’ end forthwith.

    “There are myriad tasks for you to engage in as individuals, families and nations. Although much is to be done, you cannot do it all. Better to select just one thing and earn your ‘brownie points’ with that particular mission, may you call it. Are you aware of the enormous loss of habitat in the Middle East and the Levant? Might it be left to China to rehabilitate these places by three-dimensionally print new homes to make good what the barbarians from both sides destroyed? (See note below) Even while many nations are involved in the destruction, they are still committing crimes and all will pay. Bombs do not bring peace.

    “Is this all too much to contemplate? Is there anything you can do? There are simpler tasks for you to get involved with. There are foodstuffs being altered, causing illnesses. There are plastics everywhere, killing birds and turtles. In this world of weapons’ budgets and hunger, destruction and distraction, drugs and pollution, hatred and lack of care, you can be a small ‘island’ of positive input.

    “Importantly, do not vote for those who are criminally insane and who have turned this beautiful world into a most dangerous place … pushing it towards WWIII. Living in such a world with the eye ever on truth, beauty and goodness, as well as the Creator Father’s Will for you, personally, will make a resounding success of your life. Thank you brother. This is all I want to say. I leave you now. Adieu.”

    Note on bolded sentence above: If there is talk about China helping to rebuild homes in the Levant, I’m not aware of it. I also did not want to lift that sentence out of the transmission, but maybe I was just tired and goofed.

    Edited by Linda Abell.

    © The 11:11 Progress Group.
    My Gift to you is for you to be of service to Me — Christ Michael.

    www.1111AkashicConstruct.com 11:11 Store

  • 16 US State Governors Refuse Orders to Take Syrian Refugee | BPEarthwatch

    Def- It’s hard to see people of the US be so evil to oncoming people. Yet, what we have seen is a harsh policy towards immigrants by Americans. Those same Americans that have families that came here, it’s like the American dream died and was replaced with “America is full, go home”.

    Published on Nov 16, 2015
    States now saying no Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Texas, Wisconsin

    After the Paris Attacks Governors or Lining Up to Refuse the Immigration Orders from Washington. Harvard University has evacuated four buildings on its Cambridge, Massachusetts campus after receiving an unconfirmed bomb threat. Entry to the iconic Harvard Yard is restricted and law enforcement officials are on the scene, the university said. The buildings affected by the evacuation order are the Science Center and the Sever, Emerson and Thayer Halls, Harvard said in an emergency alert to students and faculty. Thayer Hall is a dormitory, while the rest are classroom buildings. The French president demanded a rapid implementation of “co-ordinated and systematic controls” of the EU’s internal and external borders, stressing that it will patrol its national borders if Europe does not comply. This would mean dismantling the European Union. He stated that he was extending the current state of emergency by an additional three months, adding that the French constitution must be amended for crisis situations, allowing dual citizens to be stripped of their French citizenship and barred from the country if they are a terrorism risk. The French president stated that 5,000 police jobs will be created in the next two years. He said there would be no job cuts in the military until 2019. Hollande stressed that the security measures will increase spending, but stated that security is more important than EU budget rules. The leader said he will meet with US and Russian leaders to discuss combining their efforts to destroy ISIS, and called on the United Nations Security Council to rapidly issue a resolution against terrorism. The address marked the first time in more than six years that a French president addressed both houses of parliament, the Senate, and the National Assembly. This is a procedure reserved for constitutional revisions and major presidential speeches. Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy has vowed to electronically tag all 11,500 people on France’s extremist watch list if he retakes the presidency in 2017. Mr Sarkozy also pledged to “expel forcibly all the imams who preach in radical Salafist mosques” in the wake of Friday’s terror attacks in Paris. French newspaper Le Figaro says he wants all suspects and potential extremists placed under house arrest, saying the current situation makes it essential to implement such changes. “There are 520 young French people who are between Syria and Iraq: those who return should be immediately put in prison,” Mr Sarkozy said. Suspects with dual nationality should be deported. The former president also called for the establishment of a “de-radicalisation centre” for people tempted by extremist ideology and said looking at jihadi websites should be a criminal offence in the same way that paedophilia is.


  • Migrants and Refugees : Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

    Def – This has to be one of the sweetest things that mainstream media has done for a single person. It seems like a joke and all, but if you look at what they really did for Nadine Mustafa you can see something great shining out. Last week tonight’s team did what they could do to bring a smile to this girl’s face. Nothing but an act of love to show that our most powerful system of information dissemination is actually used right for a change. The Crisis in the middle east is terrible and only going to get worse. People need to open there hearts and keep there wits about them.


    Millions of migrants seeking asylum in Europe face hostility, racism, and red tape. John Oliver does one admittedly tiny thing for one of them.

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  • About Love – 11:11 Progress Group

    Texas, US of A, November 09, 2015.
    Michael of Nebadon.
    Subject: “About Love.”

    Message received by Linda Abell.

    Michael: “Children of my Heart, I come to you today to speak with you about Love. Love is unending and at the end of your life, whatever you take with you, Love qualifies. There are many things you can’t take with you at death — but you can take Love.

    “When your soul is on fire for God, you become the outpouring of the feminine soul seeking her husband in marriage. And you are blest for all of your efforts to want to be One with your Creator. But do not wait until the end of your life when you could be enjoying your blissful Oneness now with Me, Christ Michael, or Jesus as you well know Me.

    “Still the mind. Still the body. Still your emotions — most especially. Control your breath. Move away from all of those things that separate you from Me and place your attention upon Me, for I am your father, your Creator Son/Brother.

    “And I know when I look upon the evil and the devastation of this world, I know when the flower is ripe for plucking out of all the negativity and the darkness. Out of the heaviness, the density and dealing in a polluted, harsh world, man still fights against man and woman against woman. I know when the soul is ready for harvesting and bringing to my heart to enjoy its color, fragrance and uniqueness in stark contrast to all that darkness of the world it left behind.

    “So I ask you to come to Me to be that flower that blooms between the cracks in the street or sidewalk or like the trees that grow erect off the side of a cliff — in seemingly impossible places — for there you will find the light.

    “Don’t give up. Don’t give in. But be strong in your light, your security and your sense of stability. It is then that I will come to you, well-pleased in you and say, ‘Come with me. Come to my kingdom. Come to my heavenly realm and desist from all struggle, from all despair and darkness.’ For I would have you be planted in my garden of flowers, which become immortelles and blossom for all eternity.

    “Such is the enduring quality of love. Of a soul for its Father and Mother — its Creators. The child ever seeks to come home.

    “So next time you feel that someone has hurt you and you want to lash back at them, do not. For inside of yourself is all of the blessed calm you need to shake off all these silly, unnecessary dramas that only keep us apart longer.

    “Take My hand. Cling to It. Do not let go. And I will be with you for all time. I am Christ Michael. Good day.”

    © The 11:11 Progress Group.
    “Make the very best Choices, this Day, this Hour, this Moment” —
    Christ Michael.

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  • World Update – November 18th 3015 CERN/Solar/US/FRANCE | Bpearthwatch

    World Update/November 18th 3015 CERN/Solar/US/FRANCE
    The World Update by BPEarthwatch. They cover the big things in the world and how they are connected to ancient items, prophecy, and current events. The Large Hadron Collider is currently ramping up to crash heavy lead ions. Updates on current Solar mass ejections and solar activity. We had 2 close coronal mass ejection that were near earth. You watch for the signs on the sun then you watch for the earthquakes. France is looking to vote in Marshall law by Friday, with is the final vote. The powers they would have under marshall law would take away so many rights from anyone in Paris. Understand that the NWO is looking to us this to process their plans. The Cabal is looking to create Albert Pike’s plan for World War 3. Heads up, Stay Safe!