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  • CERN/CRYSTALS/Major Collapse of Earth’s Shields | BPEarthwatch



    “Bent crystals can be used to deflect particle beams, as suggested by E. Tsyganov in 1976. Experimental demonstrations have been carried out for four decades in various laboratories worldwide. In recent tests, a bent crystal inserted into the LHC beam halo successfully channelled and deflected 6.5 TeV protons into an absorber, with reduced secondary irradiation.

    Bent crystal technology was introduced at CERN and further developed for the LHC by the UA9 Collaboration. For about ten years, experts from CERN, INFN (Italy), Imperial College (UK), LAL (France), and PNPI, IHEP and JINR (Russia) have been investigating the advantages of using bent crystals in the collimation systems of high-energy hadron colliders. A bent crystal replacing the primary collimator can deflect the incoming halo deeply inside the secondary collimators, improving their absorption efficiency. “The bent crystals we have just tested at the world-record energy in the LHC were built in Russia and Italy and then meticulously optimised in the H8 line at the SPS North Area,” explains Walter Scandale, head of the UA9 collaboration. “The successful results were made possible by the strong support we received from the Accelerator Sector Management and the EN-STI group in close collaboration with the LHC collimation team.”




  • Migrants and Refugees : Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

    Def – This has to be one of the sweetest things that mainstream media has done for a single person. It seems like a joke and all, but if you look at what they really did for Nadine Mustafa you can see something great shining out. Last week tonight’s team did what they could do to bring a smile to this girl’s face. Nothing but an act of love to show that our most powerful system of information dissemination is actually used right for a change. The Crisis in the middle east is terrible and only going to get worse. People need to open there hearts and keep there wits about them.


    Millions of migrants seeking asylum in Europe face hostility, racism, and red tape. John Oliver does one admittedly tiny thing for one of them.

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