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  • Trolling like a boss | Part 1 | Donald Trump and Japan

  • Creating a custom youtube thumbnail 2017 1280×720

    Creating a custom youtube thumbnail for 2017

    Youtube requires at least a 720p image
    Pixel size: 1280×720

  • Calling out Flat Earth Troll Nathan Thompson aka Mr. Zetetic Astronomy

    Calling you out, let’s have a debate.

    No debate? the you are liar and we win.

    Pretty easy right?

  • Flat Earth Rainbow Star or just the Atmosphere?

    just the Atmosphere, Lol

    Why do stars change their colour constantly every second? red-blue-red-blue…?

    This is because of scintillation (“Twinkling”) as the light passes through the atmosphere of the Earth. As the air moves in and out, the starlight is refracted, often different colors in different directions. Because of this “chromatic abberation,” stars can appear to change colors when they are twinkling strongly.

    Stars twinkle because of turbulence in the atmosphere of the Earth. As the atmosphere churns, the light from the star is refracted in different directions. This causes the star’s image to change slightly in brightness and position, hence “twinkle.” This is one of the reasons the Hubble telescope is so successful: in space, there is no atmosphere to make the stars twinkle, allowing a much better image to be obtained.

    Planets do not twinkle the way stars do. In fact, this is a good way of figuring out if a particular object you see in the sky is a planet or a star. The reason is that stars are so far away that they are essentially points of light on the sky, while planets actually have finite size. The size of a planet on the sky in a sense “averages out” the turbulent effects of the atmosphere, presenting a relatively stable image to the eye.

  • Ghost Printing? Hacked printer or PC – stackoverflowin/

    Have you gotten a weird stuff printing on your networked printer? Most likely it’s part of a botnet or exploited by a hacker. It looks like they used the PJL printer manual to exploit the printers open to the internet. Twitter account @Lmaostack used it to do so look at the tweets

    printed text

    stackoverflowin/sthack the hacker god has returned – – – s/o BTI – your printer is part of a flaming botnet

    Twitter account

    reddit post

    People asking about the hack

    Hur0sec hacker group talking about PJL printer hacking

    HP PJL manual

    Hacking Printers for Fun

    For the STHACK conference?

  • More LOL training aDC with Jinx and Lucian

    Multistreaming with
    Oh jeeeesss

  • Federal court halts Trump’s immigration ban

    Multistreaming with
    Oh jeeeesss

  • Ransomware investigation Dhrama .wallet encryption

    Multistreaming with
    Oh jeeeesss

  • Shadow Censorship of White House PizzaGate Petition? Reply to Bait and Sketch

    I just saw Bait and Sketch’s video on the white house petition for pizza gate so I signed it to test. It didn’t go up in number at all. I tired with another email and it did the same thing. I first time was from my homeIP address the second was my work IP Address. There is something going on here. Maybe a shadow ban?

    Petition Link

    Bait’s video

  • more of that league adc training

    Multistreaming with
    Oh jeeeesss