• Season 2’s over Party Time!

    It’s over time to get some loot and have some fun!

  • Your Headphones can spy on you

    Have you considered the possibility that someone could be watching you through your webcam? Or Listening to all your conversations through your laptop’s microphone?
    Even a bit of thought about this probability could make you feel incredibly creepy.



  • Viacom 18 obtains court order to block 1250 pirate sites

    In India, a court has gone to extreme lengths to protect a new movie distributed by Viacom 18. A so-called John Doe order filed against at least 40 ISPs instructs them to block a minimum of 1,250 websites that might make the newly released Force 2 available to the public.




  • 4shared says Copyright holders abuse google’s DMCA Takedown system

    Popular file-hosting service 4shared is a true piracy haven, according to some copyright holders. Following numerous complaints the site has had more than 50 million of its URLs removed from Google’s search index. However, according to 4shared many of these are the result of abusive takedown requests.

    4sharedAs one of the largest online file-sharing services, 4shared is closely watched by copyright holders whose work is made available on the site.




  • Trump disavows ‘alt-right’ supporters

    Donald Trump has repudiated the fringe “alt-right” group that celebrated his election win with Nazi salutes.
    In a far-ranging interview with the New York Times, the US president-elect was quoted as saying: “I condemn them. I disavow, and I condemn.”
    He said he did not want to “energise” the group, which includes neo-Nazis, white nationalists and anti-Semites.

    yet they think they are shaping his campaign. SCRAY


  • Shady Park Tempe Sucks – Part 1 | messing with shady businesses

    Shady Park Tempe Sucks Part 1 in the series on how to legally using Fair use you can mess with a shitty business owner.

  • Trump supporters’ neo-Nazi party in DC just backfired in the most beautiful way possible

    A restaurant in Washington DC has apologized to its customers after unwittingly hosting a Nazi-celebrating alt-right gathering last weekend, turning the tables on the racist group by donating the night’s proceeds to a Jewish charity.

    The National Policy Institute is a white nationalist think tank that describes itself as “an independent organization dedicated to the heritage, identity, and future of people of European descent in the United States, and around the world.” Though based in Virginia, they were in Washington to attend a conference that included such agendas as “Trump and the New White Voter,” “America and the Jewish Consciousness,” and “The Future of the Alt-Right.”




  • Spammers spreading Locky Ransomware with Facebook Messenger

    If you came across any Facebook Message with an image file (exactly .SVG file format) send by any of your Facebook friends, just avoid clicking it.
    An ongoing Facebook spam campaign is spreading malware downloader among Facebook users by taking advantage of innocent-looking SVG image file to infect computers.
    If clicked, the file would eventually infect your PC with the nasty Locky Ransomware, a family of malware that has quickly become one of the favorite tools among criminals due to its infecting capabilities.
    Discovered by malware researcher Bart Blaze, the attack campaign uses Facebook Messenger to spread a malware downloader called Nemucod that takes the form of .SVG image files.



  • LJ Smith, MPP paid internet Troll.

    LJ Smith, MPP paid internet Troll.

  • Dennis Bohlke is an Enemy to Cannabis Legalization in Arizona

    Dennis Bohlke is an Enemy to Cannabis Legalization and you should remember to not listen to anything he is saying.He still clams to be a part of Safer Arizona and has fallen to calling people names and crazy because his initiative didn’t pass. Don’t be a Prohibitionist like Denns Bohlke