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  • Provo Utah Data Centers for Bluehost and Hostgator Down, Possible Major DDOS Attack

    It looks like 2 major hosting companies with data centers in Provo, Utah have lost network connectivity. It’s weird because they are very close to the NSA Data Center and nothing seems to have been done. Is there a massive DDOS attack going down? The Threat maps seem to think so and can barely keep up with the attacks.

  • Hostgator Servers Down 12/9/2016 – DDOS Attack?

    As of 2:33 pm 12/19/2016 multiple servers : emergency network maintenance


    At present, we’re working to correct a networking issue affecting the following servers:

    All gator2000 and gator3000 series servers.
    All web2000 series servers.
    Multiple VPS servers.
    Multiple dedicated servers (Linux and Windows).
    Multiple Cloud and Optimized WordPress servers.

    Please follow this topic for updates.
    Kelly Y.
    Linux Systems Administrator
    Systems Monitor
    HostGator.com LLC


  • Stegosploit: Hacking With Pictures

    A good exploit is one that is delivered in style”. My work over the past couple of years involves exploring new and innovative means of exploit delivery. My research involves using perfectly valid images (JPG, GIF, BMP, etc) to not only deliver exploits but also trigger them.

    Stegosploit is the result of malicious exploit code hidden within pixels of the image carrying it. The image however, is a multi format container, which also contains the code required to decode the steganographically encoded pixels to execute the exploit. A single file can be rendered as a perfectly valid HTML file, executed as a perfectly valid Javascript file, and displayed as a perfectly valid image, all at the same time.

    Exploit delivery therefore happens through transmission of pure images. No known means of malware detection have been able to successfully identify these images.



  • Hacking Millions with an Image

    If you have visited any popular mainstream website over the past two months, your computer may have been infected — Thanks to a new exploit kit discovered by security researchers.
    Researchers from antivirus provider ESET released a report on Tuesday stating that they have discovered an exploit kit, dubbed Stegano, hiding malicious code in the pixels of banner advertisements that are currently in rotation on several high profile news websites.
    Stegano originally dates back to 2014, but since early October this year, cyber crooks had managed to get the malicious ads displayed on a variety of unnamed reputable news websites, each with Millions of daily visitors.



  • North Korea’s Red Star OS can be hacked with a link

    North Korea’s own homegrown computer operating system, that’s supposed to be fully hacker proof and more secure than foreign OS, like Microsoft’s Windows, can easily be hacked remotely.
    A group of hackers managed to break into Red Star OS — North Korea’s government sanctioned Linux-based OS — using just a link.
    Red Star OS is North Korea’s own homegrown OS that looks remarkably just like Apple’s OS X and gives North Korean authorities more control over the computers, providing not only security but also spying tools that help track files in a way that if the government wants, every bit of user’s data can be traced easily.


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