A Message from Tengri 137 to Humanity @666ab731 We come in piece

Hello Manuel,

We hope we do not disturb you. We understood your distancing from us and we respect this. We are very sad because we lost your trust on a wise we do not understand.

Our two gifts are guaranteed. We try to prepare these to make understandable for all.

Please give the people a message from us:

Friends, we read all your messages. Yes, every single message, every comment on every platform, every critique and praise, every asked question. We are already on some livestreams but we only read. Sometimes we try to answer you, sometimes we say nothing.

We are also sorry for our miserable English. This is our best in this short time. We try to be better everyday then yesterday.

We are tired. Some of you think we are evil. Some of you say we are false prophets. Some of you think we lie. We are sorry for this false image. We are on a mission and we need to complete our mission.

So we only need to say;

O human, o lovely creature under the sun! Be the light for others. Shine brighter than the others to enlighten people before and behind you. Be the mercy for who needs mercy. Be hope for others who need a light in the darkness. Be the help for others in their darkest hour. Try to forgive, try to listen, try to understand and try to be good without any exceptions! Try to give before you take. This is the key to a better world.

We are not evil, we are not false prophets, we are not gods!

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