Full Show – Donald Trump and Ted Nugent Sound Off – 12/02/2015 |Alex Jones Show

I have alway felt Alex Jones is a Plant, his makes it clear. Published on Dec 2, 2015 On this Wednesday, December 2 edition of the Alex Jones Show we look at the double standard operating on American college campuses as a Black Lives Matter supporter who promised to carry out a racially-motivated rampage against […]

CERN/CRYSTALS/Major Collapse of Earth’s Shields | BPEarthwatch

CERN UPDATE | CRYSTALS CHANNEL HIGH-ENERGY BEAMS IN THE LHC Exert: “Bent crystals can be used to deflect particle beams, as suggested by E. Tsyganov in 1976. Experimental demonstrations have been carried out for four decades in various laboratories worldwide. In recent tests, a bent crystal inserted into the LHC beam halo successfully channelled and […]

World Warning 2 / The Coming Chaos / The Collapse | BPEarthwatch

37 Oil producers have gone bankrupt. The Oil market is being over supplied by the middle east driving the price down. Hedge fund managers bought into Oil at $100 dollars a barrel and very soon the price of Oil will be at $20 basically killing off the last remain Oil procedures that aren’t the largest […]