Operation Trebor: Gatwick drones Two people arrested over criminal use at airport

Authorities in London announced late Friday that two arrests have been made in their investigation of unauthorized drone flights at Gatwick, Britain’s second busiest airport. And one key eye-witness has told police he saw a cyclist ‘frantically’ packing away two drones away on a country lane near the airport. The airport was plunged into chaos […]

Education Department Is Canceling $150 Million Of Student Loan Debt Def newshour 12/14/18

The U.S. Department of Education is sending emails to about 15,000 people across the country telling them: You’ve got money. Facebook ‘sorry’ for bug that may have exposed the photos of 6.8M users. Death of Fox 2 anchor Jessica Starr sheds light on possible connection between Lasik surgery and suicide. CBS Paid Eliza Dushku $9.5 […]

Texas judge strikes down Obamacare as unconstitutional breaking news

Merry Christmas Obamacare just got repealed. people are going to be pissed Discord Link – supspace http://bit.ly/2NtOqKO Need Hosting? http://bit.ly/2RbZRt7 Get Games CHEAP http://bit.ly/2pa3lj7 Donate if you wanna http://bit.ly/2nOvKdR Support VIA PATREON Patreon.com/defango BUY FRESH MERCH http://bit.ly/2LaaqIZ paypal.me/defango LTC – MRoQpUx1fZxXMBRLa9uZfuzeUKY8YsY9nL BTC – 325BQU2qBxuxBvWnUPHonzNzpRFTaYdf3s ETH – 0xfD651b1FCD273cE68F8BD87FEB896f92F44595D5 FAIR USE STATEMENT This video may contain copyrighted […]

Federal Judge Delays Flynn Sentencing for At Least 90 Days – Breaking News

federal judge delayed the sentencing of former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn Tuesday afternoon; halting the proceedings for at least 90 days after Flynn confirmed his guilty plea of lying to FBI agents. links http://bit.ly/2PMv4RL Discord Link – supspace http://bit.ly/2NtOqKO Need Hosting? http://bit.ly/2RbZRt7 Get Games CHEAP http://bit.ly/2pa3lj7 Donate if you wanna http://bit.ly/2nOvKdR Support VIA PATREON […]

Mysterious light seen in California sky after Canceled launch Vandenberg Air Force Base

The mysterious light created a lot of buzz around Northern California Wednesday. 10 p.m. Update: The National Weather Service Bay Area is calling this a Noctilucent cloud, a cloud that can be formed from a meteor or space debris entering the upper atmosphere. The National Weather Service Bay Area took to Twitter Wednesday night asking […]

Chaos at London Gatwick airport as drones delay hundreds of flights – Breaking News

Police say they are considering trying to shoot down a drone that has shut Gatwick Airport for more than 24 hours. Sussex Police has received about 50 reports of a drone being flown around the airport since Wednesday evening. An intrusion by smaller flying objects is keeping much larger ones grounded in London, resulting in […]

Whats going on Above the Pentagon – Washington DC Triangle UFO Alien Files

There have been multiple witnesses to a Triangle Shaped UFO floating above the Pentagon for a bit on Dec 19th. This would ahve been around the same time the launches were cancelled at vandenburg base the other day. Is there something bigger happening in the UFO WORLD? links http://bit.ly/2EI2TlJ Discord Link – supspace http://bit.ly/2NtOqKO Need […]

$5 billion border wall Backout + Michael Flynn’s 90 day vacation Def Newshour 12/18/18

This month, MIT researchers announced they invented a way to shrink objects to nanoscale — smaller than what you can see with a microscope — using a laser. That means they can take any simple structure and reduce it to one 1,000th of its original size. The United States pledged $5.8 billion in aid and […]

John McAfee Presidential Alerts E911 connection to WEA message spying?

http://youtube.com/embed/boJzRdWhOyI John McAfee came out talking about the Trump Text Message and how it could be used in spying on your phone. Marfoogle News was excited about this confirmation on twitter. Does this Validation pass the smell test or are we just looking at another guy that hasn’t taken the FEMA test to use the […]

Questions? Dealmaker: Al Yousef Secret Wikileaks Document on France UAE Arms Deal Drop

http://youtube.com/embed/o1rpGYYMca0 Since Juilian Assange was silenced Wikileaks has remained a quite figure in recent months. Just 7 days after Kristinn Hrafnsson Replaced JA as editor-in-chief he has already dropped new infomation. This is good new of an organization that only brings truth to the table to help educate the people on corruption in the world. […]