Support the stream: Well Fans of Pewdiepie are up torn between a few things after he decided to pledge 50k to the ADL. Without a doubt he did it because he wanted to because no one can make him do anything but people are already spinning a narrative out of it. Pewdiepie made a statement on twitter saying he clearly was trying to move forward with them because he see’s the problem that has been caused by all of this. His past MSM Clashes seem to have made him think this might be a good way to turn the narrative but it seem that he’s just stirred the pot. A guy with a sizable percentage of the world following him that just was named the most influence creator on the internet has to make a few changes if he’s planning on being the role model for the entire youtube/dlive world. Are the talking head going to say he caved into the man? It already seems that people have made up the conspiracy it’s a vig he was made to pay to get them to pipe down about his operation. It’s weird watching someone pay their biggest critic a load of cash after the long campaign against him. Maybe he’s playing a bigger game with this one and we are only seeing the beginnings of this Master plan. Could this be just another Uber Troll on the ADL because he’s been making that heavy LINO Cheese or is this just a month of minecraft for the dude?