President Donald Trump on Monday said it looked like Iran was behind attacks on oil plants in Saudi Arabia at the weekend that raised fears of a fresh Middle East conflict, but added that he did not want war with anyone. Amazon began making changes to its search results last year to prioritize profitability over relevance, according to The Wall Street Journal. Those changes were reportedly spurred on by demands from Amazon’s retail divisions and private label team, and they’re said to have the effect of often boosting Amazon’s own products in search listings. The New York Times was forced to correct a smear article on Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh after it was revealed that they excluded exculpatory evidence from their report. A midwestern furry festival has banned Milo Yiannopoulos from attending the annual convention. “Hate is not welcome at Midwest FurFest. We are dedicated to providing a safe, harassment-free convention experience for all, regardless of age, race, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, or personal beliefs,” organizers wrote in statement to Right Wing Watch.

All this Iran and Oil Talk seems to be the thing the powers that be needed to get things moving in the way of another “War”. Who Knows’s how many drones were really used and if the rebels actually have the ability to make them while being under massive tariffs on what they need. The chat seemed to not be happy about the 15 hike per barrel on oil from the saudi’s. Trump said they were going to break open the US Oil reserves. That’s all fine but we need to have the production facilities in order to use it. With the largest refinery in the world in out of commission it’s going to put the hurt on things for 6 months until local production can make some changes.

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Jared Holt on Twitter: “Disgraced far-right speaker Milo Yiannopoulous bought a ticket to a furry convention in December. Other attendees are predictably upset and the conference announced it was investigating its options.” / Twitter

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