Fake PGP, Cicada3301.org, r/cicada and the takedown Sevens.exposed


I was getting harassed by phone calls from people because someone shared my phone number saying it was cicada on april 1st. Here is what really happened and why you cant trust cicada3301.org or the wiki people and r/cicada


The PGP is false. It didn’t even return to a real PGP key. It was signed by SSL from Cicada.org. The owner, Leon Simmons, decided to create Cicada3301.org instead.
“jgullihur” from YouTube is Leon Simmons. He’s been flaming people all over the place the last couple of days, and has three other accounts to upvote himself. Two are attached to the PGP key (leon.morgenthaler.4600@gmail.com and 3301@cicada.org), the last is a catfish e-mail he uses under the name “Soley Kelesoglou”.
More on the way. 3 days is not much time to come clean ya’ll


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