Golbal Hunt for Treasure is June 1st more locations CIcada 3301 34°5’50.59?N 118°6’22.68?W

Hunt for Treasure is on! June 1st more locations CIcada 3301 sevens.exposed 34°5’50.59?N 118°6’22.68?W

The hunt is on for the treasure, here is the final Clue!


Aurum, under the trunks, along the bed of a river, unsung. 3.301 feet underneath. A treasure lies undiscovered from 1848. Remember there were no banks in the area. Seek the oldest trees 5 minutes from the mission. Assemble a team to find this treasure by summer. Gold pieces, gold dust, gold nuggets.

34°5’50.59?N 118°6’22.68?W


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