Mutant Response Vehicles in florida are Burning Man Art Cars – Pathogen Trackers

Those MRV are just burning man art cars.

Pathogen Trackers is focused on serving our fellow man. All are welcome!

At a time when the inhabitants of Black Rock City are in need of food and water, and shelter from the midday sun’s relentless heat, our camp is here to help provide sustenance to the people of the playa.

In our camp we offer elements key to human survival and everyone is welcome to partake. Under the soft glowing roof of the Nutrient Distribution Center we provide lunch daily to hundreds of fellow burners. To help everyone stay hydrated, our government approved chilled water hydration station is always available. To help maintain an orderly state of affairs while serving others, we have provided multiple bike racks outside and ample seating within. The NDC also is equipped with four large open passageways so, in case of emergency, evacuation will never be an issue.


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