8chan owner vows changes in House testimony over mass shootings

http://youtube.com/embed/rrOupeg1Gus 8chan, the online message board linked to several recent mass shootings, plans to restrict parts of the website during a “state of emergency,” the site’s owner Jim Watkins told a U.S. House panel in a written statement. 8chan owner Jim Watkins provided evidence to congressional staffers on Thursday to comply with a subpoena the [...]

Democratic consultant denies affair with Ilhan Omar, Claims it a Front #bombshell

http://youtube.com/embed/7XTQ9a7s4Q4 A D.C. political consultant accused of having an affair with Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., insisted in recently filed court documents that the story was concocted by his estranged wife as an act of reven. Beth Mynett’s complaint for legal separation, filed last week in D.C. Superior Court, alleged that her husband Tim Mynett confessed [...]

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s Got Hacked – Defango TV Electronicon Trip

http://youtube.com/embed/3SCHipvtViA Jack Dorsey the CEO of Twitter got hacked. Twitter just had some major bugs going on with it's VPN software as reported at black hat and defcon and it seems that right after that there was some problems. Streamlabs.com Donations link: http://bit.ly/2nOvKdR Discord Link - supspace http://bit.ly/2NtOqKO Paypal paypal.me/defango Support VIA PATREON Patreon.com/defango Live [...]

Saint Pepsi George clanton 100 percent electronicon NYC

http://youtube.com/embed/sdT5dKz46GQ We landed in NYC. Time to head to 100 percent electonicon! We out here listening to Saint pepsi in IRL and having a good time with the rest of the gang! Me and Adam met up at the hotel then headed directly to the line at the show. I'll tell you that thing was [...]

Google will pay $170 million to settle YouTube child privacy accusations

http://youtube.com/embed/tvzTY_LqKLM Google-owned YouTube has settled with the Federal Trade Commission and the New York Attorney General, offering to pay a fine of $170 million on allegations that it violated children's privacy laws. The settlement involves the largest-ever penalty under the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act, which YouTube allegedly violated by collecting user information from kids [...]

Grand Bahama Devastated by Hurricane Dorian 70% under water Defango TV

http://youtube.com/embed/d2px4ujn_BE Island of 50,000 People in the Bahamas Is 70% Under Water. Grand Bahama Island was still in the path of Hurricane Dorian on Tuesday and the area continues to endure devastating weather conditions produced by the hurricane's eyewall, according to the National Hurricane Center. Grand Bahama is currently being "pummelled" by the stalled Hurricane [...]

Facebook Expect to Be Fined Billions by FTC #CambridgeAnalytica

http://youtube.com/embed/LVse1qVfte4 Facebook Inc. shares jumped in late trading Wednesday, even as the company said it expects to pay a multibillion-dollar fine to the Federal Trade Commission. The company set aside $3 billion in legal expenses related to the investigation, which cut into its profit for the first three months of 2019. Facebook's profit for the [...]

The _NSAKEY Microsoft Windows Mystery #backdoor #cryptowars

The _NSAKEY Microsoft Windows Mystery #backdoor #cryptowars Windows 95 had a secret key that was claimed to be the ultimate backdoor for the NSA. Between Hotmail hacks and browser bugs, Microsoft has a dismal track record in computer security. Most of us accept these minor security flaws and go on with life. But how is [...]

John Podesta 2015 Email Reveals Plot to “Slaughter Trump” by Linking Him to Putin and Russia

Sunday Jimmy Dore gave a speech using facts and public documents to expose the origins of the Clinton-Podesta Trump collusion narrative.Of course, there was never anything there between Trump and Russia. Russia was the furthest thing from the Trump campaign. But, as Jimmy Dore explains, Hillary Clinton knew her biggest vulnerability was the fact that [...]

Breaking News: Explosions hit 2 churches in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday

Multiple explosions hit Sri Lanka on Sunday, including blasts at two churches during Easter mass, police and media said. Local media reported that at least 20 people have been killed and 160 more injured in the blasts. One church, St Anthony's Shrine, was in the north of the capital, Colombo, and the other, St. Sebastian's [...]