The Leporine Key Solved –

We were able to get the Leporine Key very quickly today when it dropped on the website. Right now we have 4 keys of 400 needed to enter the fray and find the solution. It seems that many people were looking to solve it but the QR code we needed to get a key [...]

George Soros Arrested?

World & Truth aka David Zublick is the one that is putting out the info it seems with the help of some authors that have cozied up the qanon movement. The reports on GITMO will not be found on the MSM is what they are saying. Looking at the people that released the information we [...]

The QuadrigaCX Exit Scam Exposed? $250m Crypto Heist? Gerald Cotton

For a while now people have been worried about another big hit to a crypto exchange. They story is that Gerald Cotten, CEO of QuadrigaCX died from complication in crhons diease while working his orhange in India and they lost access to COLD wallets containing the bulk of the funds for the user of the [...]

Since Frank Giustra just got named at the house oversight hearing Live Research: Old School Defango

Multistreaming with A wave of bomb threats was reported Thursday against businesses, schools, hospitals and other places across the United States and Canada, causing panic and evacuations, although all appeared to be hoaxes. A total of seven emailed bomb threats in Beaumont. The first threat happened at Lower Neches Valley Authority. Links Def [...]


Well HA Goodman and Jordan Sather Battled it out and we are going to talk about some thing. It seems that the soy boy sather was not answering any questions or making any statements on anything. Kinda funny because I guess he remember how things went with Comedy Central and the JFK situation. WE are [...]

GPS III Space Vehicle 01 Launching Now!!!

falcon links Discord Link - supspace Need Hosting? Get Games CHEAP Donate if you wanna Support VIA PATREON BUY FRESH MERCH LTC - MRoQpUx1fZxXMBRLa9uZfuzeUKY8YsY9nL BTC - 325BQU2qBxuxBvWnUPHonzNzpRFTaYdf3s ETH - 0xfD651b1FCD273cE68F8BD87FEB896f92F44595D5 FAIR USE STATEMENT This video may contain copyrighted material the use of which has not been specifically [...]

Operation Trebor: Gatwick drones Two people arrested over criminal use at airport

Authorities in London announced late Friday that two arrests have been made in their investigation of unauthorized drone flights at Gatwick, Britain's second busiest airport. And one key eye-witness has told police he saw a cyclist 'frantically' packing away two drones away on a country lane near the airport. The airport was plunged into chaos [...]

Off day! Cali Tripping Def Vlog 28

Whats good Danger ZONE! We are going to be making our way to Cali for a Our Christmas Party. There will be no news hour tonight but we will be Dashcaming hanging out with the Squad fam! Discord Link - supspace Need Hosting? Get Games CHEAP Donate if you wanna Support [...]