Since Juilian Assange was silenced Wikileaks has remained a quite figure in recent months. Just 7 days after Kristinn Hrafnsson Replaced JA as editor-in-chief he has already dropped new infomation. This is good new of an organization that only brings truth to the table to help educate the people on corruption in the world. It is notoriously difficult to check within the world of large-scale authorities arms dealings. And it is even more difficult to separate the legal from the illegal in a planet in which calling, networks and secrecy are a part of the occupation. A new record discharged by whistleblowing site Wikileaks has once more demonstrated that those included in arms transactions have little if any concern about if their transactions constitute corruption before there are legal consequences. It details a case heard before the tribunal in 2009 and 2010, that was to settle a dispute involving the French arms builder GIAT Systems SA (that has since become Nexter Systems) and therefore are Emirati businessman called Abbas Ibrahim Yousef Al Yousef. In 1993, GIAT was trying to market the UAE authorities 388 Leclerc battle tanks, 46 armoured vehicles, two training tanks, spare components and ammunition. A deal has been signed, and the anticipated date for completion was 2008. And as part of this arrangement, Al Yousef was paid an astounding commissioning cost of $235 million – half of the worth of this $3.6 billion deal. The cash was moved in pro-rata obligations from GIAT into Al Yousef’s firm, Kenoza Consulting & Management Inc., which is registered in the British Virgin Islands.


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