Sherlock Holmes and the Autumn of Terror | Interview with Randy Williams | Jack the Ripper

Interviewing Randy Williams about his book Sherlock Holmes and the Autumn of Terror. We cover why he believes he has solved the Jack the ripper case.




A̴̡̱̦͙̳̜̰͗͂͛̏ṇ̵͖̼̝̇̿̔͛̓t̷̬͎͛̈́̃̇̓i̴̫̲͙̎̃̒̆̅̇̀ ̸̦̠̹̳͚̝̙̞̺̐̇̄R̶̦̦̣͒͆a̵̪̳̳̟̲͓̖̲͔̓͒͝d̴͇͛̄͝í̷̪̮͚̳͚͚ò̶̟̈̈́͑̉͘͝ ̸̢̟̱͎̎̀̿̆̉͘ͅƯ̸͓̼͈̂̈́̿͗͗͘͝͝n̶̡͚̽͆͌̏̔̋͋ḏ̸̀͗e̷̡͉̥̰͉̤͖̳̾̌̒r̸͉̤̹̣̥͔͔̦̽̿͐͜g̸̛̤͙̹̩̈́́r̴̬͌͆̈́̋̎̃͠o̶̘̾́͘ͅu̶͓̯͍͇͒͆͌̓͝͝ͅn̵̺̯̒͂ḍ̸̯͚̻̹͙̗͛̈́̑̓͒̓̅

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One reply on “Sherlock Holmes and the Autumn of Terror | Interview with Randy Williams | Jack the Ripper

  • James dean

    i dont really get the leddera your using the same lines for differnt letters i dont see all that really. i reapext the theory but there are alot of holes. deimshutz still had a beard when isrial swartz saw them but yet he said the guy had a small mustashe thats a loose end for me. deimshitz wasnt at eddowa lilling so it it was freidman and kosbraski 17 and 41 or 42. the witnesses say he was about 30 neither one of then fit the fuy with eddows and pwoplw looked older then so no way friedman looked that young and he had a beard i think the witnesses said a mustshe. also it makes semae to me that one kill would use more than one weapon i been studying this and other cases. he would slit their troat with a small knife that is easy to handel and a larger one to open the body to me more than one k ofe would make sense. o know crimes whwre one murder used 2 k ifs a table leg a screwdriver lol. also the guy with the pipe was 5 11. the one sceen with stride was like 5 5 or 5 ft 6 if that was friedman tjats another loose end. another thing about the grap maybe they just saw them and others didnt cause it wasnt no important. i dont think the ripper bought the graps. a witness said a guy was with a girl and bought grapes at 11pm. deimshutz found body at 1 2 hours later shwarts walked by at 12 45. i dont tjink deimshutz would leave his horse up the street with jia goods on it for that long. so he left his horse to go kill then go back to jis horse tjen go home again wjy didnt he kust drop hia stuff off first thats amother loose end im my opinion. all the murders were on other of god days i looked and many religious sites. but there are many mother days like 10 or 12 in a certain month so its not the rare quincidence that it says. and all the murders were not on the 12 great feasts he is only correct about sept 8th and that happened twic all the othwr days werw not the 12 great feasts i looked it up multi times on many sites and for the date of 1888 and i e mailes a top religious perain just to make aure so that it also a mistake. but that never proved who did it any suspect can xhoose thouse days that would just prove the murders are connected. i also dont belive emma smith was a ripper victim it was too differnt if tjey had a plan like randy says that plan would have stattes out the same to kill not rape and rob. martha tambrum might have been a victim. i also dont think frances xoles was that was over a year after the last one i think shr was prolly killed by thomas sadler. i also read latly that tjeir are to reports by isrial paper stated that the guy with the pipe had the knife and scared off the other and shwartz amd that he was the real ripper lol i dont really belive that but thats just another statement u cant ignore. there is just alot of specualtion i dont think there is any theory that would come close to winning in court. kosminski is still my number one choice he was possatively identified in documents so if that is a lie then anything can be. then the dna evidence would have benn the icing on the cake but of corse people are going ro redute it. i dont think anythinf will prove only dna maybe. there were no camers no good pictures of tjese guys so how do u elliminate guy based on tjat when we dont know what they looked like. people looked older so kosminski prolly looked over 30 at 23 there no real pics of him. and i also dont belive beating up a cop had anothing ro do with making tjem mursers csuse it was the same spot wjere stride body was found well it was outside their home so of corse it can the same spot. if they rapes a woman at the same spot.then maybe that can mean somthing but fighting with a cop juat common sense that is irrelevant. then how the other girl was dressed ok i think i can explain that the papera prolly quoted things wronf he had 3 weeks and people prolly talked about how bad her body was and when he saw stride she was not all ripped up so he might have made a general statement. maybe he ment that she loojed better than most protitudes there was no tape recorder one wrong miss understood word.could make a differnce. why woukd he say that i dont think he would be that stupid. if i was guilty i wount not say anything so saying that makes me think that is something an innocent persom would say to help if he was guilty whu would he incriminate himself makes no sense same with the grapes maybe nobody else saw the grapes because it was not important at the time. as i said beforr ahe got grapes at 11pm deimshutz came back at 1. i dont think he would be with her leave his horse come back again kill thrn go back for his horse again thats backtracking it just makes not sense. maybe some of it is correct but i have a lot of loose ends like columbo would say. also i read part of his book he said he used horse and buggy when he picked up mary ann nicoles but not stride when his home was right there. why didnt he just kill her and leave her in the road. he was never a suspect.for finding the body so he didnt nees to aens lozobroski and friedman to go kill another girl. why do all that for no reason putting ur friends in jepordy. and suposly he aent them there and they had to wait till 1240 to lill and thwir just happen to be a girl right at the right time just seems too perfect to me and they went back to the working mens clun snuck in and cleaned up and nobody saw them. like charles lichmire nobody suspected him at the time for finding the body. sept 8th is the only great feast day the other were religious days of mother mary but not great feasts. ive been looking it up to see if im wrong.i keep getting differnt dates. xmas day is one 40 dsys before easter 30 days before easter is nother great feat which was not a dsy of the murders either. i dont feel the chain that george hutchinson saw does not prove it was deimshutz becsuse he sold costume jewlrey i think thats just kind of irrelivant. its still a good theory i want to get the game and the book still i love sherlock homes. i think randy put alot of work into this and he ia very smart. even though i have alot of trouble with some.of hos stuff the way he says it i csnt not help listening. good work but i just dont think its close to being proven not even close to being enough evidence to use in court I dont agree with that but i respect alot of it. i am looking at the evidence I am really paying attention to it. i think u can find anything.if u look hard enough like the figurs and letters u can find any letters in clouds if ur looking hard enough. i can get druitt or kosminski in one of those figures if i lool hard enough. there not enough knkw about many suspect to know what heppend there no picturea or cameras just speculation. I find it very interesting but I havr many question about it. im not sold on the theory but randy I can see you put yoyr work in and I respect that. well see what happens. i keep studying this. i dont know where the proof is that freidman said to shwarts change ur story i think thats specualtion too. there too many unanswered questiona and way that things could happen that we do not know for sure. Im sure more theory will come up. also ive studies documenties of killer no liller like bundy incerted him self in the investigation only wjen they sliped uo tjey didnt do it purposly. So i am being respectful not like others but friedman selling hats i dont think prove it i dont really see the IK in esdows face if u are useing the lines of the eyes i just dont see it intil u bring it up. so ia m saying all this respectivly and i admire randy for what he did i just dont belive it totally but i will keep trying to. i think he uses alot of coincedences that are nkt proof but make you think. thanks randy for your effort i keep looking at ur theory but a am trying to crotique it in a respectful way thanks randy


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