SWORDFISH?! Or just another Nothing PIzza? #itendsnow

SWORDFISH?! Or just another Nothing burger #itendsnow

Is it a red pill or a blue pill? Are people taking crazy pills with all these new theory that needs to be popping up like ants at a picnic. Are the people the willing workers of the Red Queen blindly following orders? Is there some crazy connection to all these news’s stories connected to Chester Pennington and his death? I was mid stream with I came upon the news that Chester had died. It was weird seeing the post on Anonscan’s twitter. It almost was like a shock really. This guy is suppose to be going on Tour just dropped a new album. 6 kids deep and all of a sudden out of nowhere, good bye cruel world! I cannot take another long ride with ups and downs. Signing off, peace out world. Lights out.

It the saddest thing that happens to a star, we keep seeing the signs everywhere. Troubled men and women living in the limelight with nothing more than the some trouble as normal people. Just more connections to people in there face battling for a change to share a few moments of time. Sometimes we are to busy, or we say their are to many things to do. Always searching for a few more seconds before the final call, and the reaper says time to go, or maybe even surprised your early. In the perspective of death would he know that this was a set moment in time like another tragic reminder of our own mortality. Or does he get surprised just like us every now and again just as puzzled as we are as to why this one decided to go off book.

I started with the Red pill because this whole thing seems to be dominated by that RED systems, that RED QUEEN that’s in control of motivating and moving along the system. Daily Caller was where I saw the first line reference to Pedo’s in the headline of Chester’s death. No other references to anything like that till the very end of the news. As the news spread across the web it seems that tidbit was missing from just about every single news station. CNN seems to have mentioned it and even made a link back to a post from 2011 where Chester makes it very clear what happens that really sends a wave, like a bomb that was triggered a few years ago counting down to zero. Was this just another fuse in a long chain of death and evil? If there is a boom boom, it seems to not have gone off yet but it seem there are some people that think it’s about to. #itendsnow seems to have gone to that place and seems to be saying, no more. End of story, it’s over we are doing it. That’s what the alt right media doing here? The whole pedo thing was know about for a while, was chester talking about it? There are the haunting connection to Chris Cornell’s death here and most of the alt seems to be saying that it’s all connected. I would stand to believe them on that but we need to see the proof. SWORDFISH is demanding it and we are seeing not a lot of movement from the powers that be on this one. What is going to happen if the demands are not met? They want a whole mess of stuff that would be helpful in all of this but what’s the play? Is there going to be some mind blowing dump that is going to seal the deal on the deep state? Or is this just another huge nothing burger? The Sauce so far is nice but I don’t see this being something that is natural. Too many alt right figures all of a sudden just started dropping this narrative. Why not use this before, what the death a wake up call? finally took enough read pills to get on the dance floor? It seem to be /pol with most of the play behind this info push so there is a really good change this could be something, yet we know they have been know to make LULZ. this some seems different. Movies stuff, and it might just be what we need, but it’s going to be interesting to see who get’s the goods first. We know there isn’t going to be any data given up. We just know that Chris was “hanged” but there was blood everywhere. Chester it’s still unknown. Even crazier when you see that people are connecting him to looking a lot like John Posedta. Where did that just jump from? Poof people didn’t see that before, how that did pop up out of nowhere, did people look it up? WHERE THE DAMN EVIDENCE MAN?

It seems the account has posted a lot about things on the VOAT pizzagate forum, but nothing of any real value so who know what’s going to happen next. David Seaman’s even in the mix. He has his twitter pic that is connected.






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  • Preston

    Where is the evidence? Was this just a fake to try and force pesos out? I want to know what’s going on with swordfish. Time to dump your data!!! Let’s lock up these scum.


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