• My Plans for You are Far Reaching – 11:11 Progress Group

    Asheville, NC, US of A, November 22, 2015.
    Teacher: I AM.
    Subject: “My Plans for You are Far Reaching.”

    Message received by Chris Maurus.

    I AM: “Dear Child, there are many things under heaven and earth that you do not understand and that you are not expected to understand in your current life in the flesh, yet you and others are sometimes affected by the inner workings of universe mechanics and realities unseen by you. Because you are sensitive to these veiled realities, your human experiences would seem strange and fantastic to most that walk through life unaware. Even those who know you and have supported you and your spiritual journey cannot truly understand the wholly personal path you walk with Me. You are trying to attach human meanings and connect historical references to morontial realities, which most on your world have no capacity to understand, nor is there any equitable human reference to such things. It may be your own ‘misunderstanding’ of these things that keeps you from seeing the larger picture because you may not move beyond what you cannot now understand. Let go of all your preconceptions and keep your focus on Me. I will lead you to a more suitable understanding of these new realities which I have allowed for your growth.

    “Your walk with me will blossom as you draw nearer to my still small voice and trust that I have your highest and greatest good in mutual interest. I AM you — the real you, and only time and unrealized potential can allow for an experiential development that is truly unique which is unfolding according to my idea for your life. Your life experience is unlike any other and you are not required to make it ‘fit’ into the template created by science or the religions of your world. My plans for you are far reaching and every new and confusing element of your journey is known to me, for I have ‘orchestrated’ these introductions and similes that they may form a greater opus in the personal revelations to come whether here or hereafter. My work with you is not bound to the time and day of your earth life, for there are epics in the greater universe that you are to attend and for which I shall prepare you.

    “You, my child, are entering a new phase of your life in which I require more of your attention so that I can teach you those things that no man can teach. Trust and faith are paramount in our paradoxical relationship — one where you are so close in spirit, yet so far in development. Every minute of your undivided attention with Me creates reverberations throughout time as you become the exquisite creature I have foreseen in the eternal moment. The line between who you think you are and who I AM will eventually vanish and all that is within Me will be realized within you. This is something you cannot conceive of now, and this is why I prepare you — this is why you wonder and dream — this is why you stumble over these new and fantastic experiences you cannot understand with your immature mind.

    “All these ‘unknowns’ have purpose and so it is for you to empty your cup of worldly understandings to perceive and embrace the realities of my eternal purposes with new eyes and new determination.

    “I AM that you are.”

    Edited by Linda Abell.

    © The 11:11 Progress Group.
    “The giving of self, the illumination of truth, and the relief of suffering
    are the noblest paths to higher consciousness.” – Teacher Ophelius, 2009.

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  • By Divine Appointment – 11:11 Progress Group

    Urantia, November 15, 2015.
    Teacher: The Beloved One.
    Subject: “By Divine Appointment.”

    Message received by Lytske.

    The Beloved One: “Finally, we are once more on the same page, so I can endeavor to divulge more insights to you, my faithful student. The subject title says it all; that not only you, but all thinking humans hopefully eventually realize that they are living on earth by Divine Appointment. Just this one realization ought to give anyone food for thought as to how they personally are fulfilling their divine appointment.

    “Of course there will always be those, who do not give much thought to the reason why they are alive and what their purpose in life is. Then there are those who might give it some cursory thought and leave it at that until some crisis happens or perhaps advancing age makes them think about their future.

    “The next category embraces those, who have cultivated the habit of being grateful for all blessings received. It takes an optimistic view of life to keep going despite the usual hardships on this planet. At an early age they adopt a lifestyle of: ‘when the going gets tough, the tough get going.’ These become the ones who courageously cultivate perseverance through self-discipline, which in turn helps them to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles by living day by day.

    “In this manner, the future tends to take care of itself. They are not overmuch bothered by the past as they are too busy living in the present. These mortals early realize that there is much more to life than meets the eye, often through some sort of difficulty, hardship or unforeseen happening and they start thinking about the meaning of life and may discover that a mysterious ‘Force’ lives inside them, which unbeknownst to them was there all along through the highs and lows of life.

    “Blessed are those who make the personal connection with the ‘Force’ within, that has been propelling them all along, and sooner or later they sense that they are alive by divine appointment and in earnest they begin to seek God’s will in life.

    “Consider yourself blessed, child, that you are beginning to realize that you, too, are here by divine appointment and are more clearly beginning to sense your purpose in life. How you can be of greater service to ‘The All That Is,’ meanwhile enriching your soul through performing loving service, even though you don’t realize the extent of it all. In simple terms, you are beginning to fulfill your divine blueprint, given to each mortal born on the worlds of space.

    “Great and unfathomable is the generosity of the Creator, who gives all humans the prerogative of free will to choose to answer the call of becoming perfect like the Creator is perfect if they desire wholeheartedly to come back Home. In order to do so the Creator endows mortals with minds to think so they can choose how to grow their eternal souls, especially with an on-board Partner, a personal Spark from the Universal Creator Himself.

    “All thinking mortals on this planet are here by Divine Appointment to choose eternal life by evolving their souls through loving service with love, tolerance and forgiveness toward one another in truth, beauty and goodness.

    “Do remind yourselves of this.”

    Edited by Linda Abell.

    © The 11:11 Progress Group.
    I Am the Satisfaction of Your Soul — The Beloved One.

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  • About Love – 11:11 Progress Group

    Texas, US of A, November 09, 2015.
    Michael of Nebadon.
    Subject: “About Love.”

    Message received by Linda Abell.

    Michael: “Children of my Heart, I come to you today to speak with you about Love. Love is unending and at the end of your life, whatever you take with you, Love qualifies. There are many things you can’t take with you at death — but you can take Love.

    “When your soul is on fire for God, you become the outpouring of the feminine soul seeking her husband in marriage. And you are blest for all of your efforts to want to be One with your Creator. But do not wait until the end of your life when you could be enjoying your blissful Oneness now with Me, Christ Michael, or Jesus as you well know Me.

    “Still the mind. Still the body. Still your emotions — most especially. Control your breath. Move away from all of those things that separate you from Me and place your attention upon Me, for I am your father, your Creator Son/Brother.

    “And I know when I look upon the evil and the devastation of this world, I know when the flower is ripe for plucking out of all the negativity and the darkness. Out of the heaviness, the density and dealing in a polluted, harsh world, man still fights against man and woman against woman. I know when the soul is ready for harvesting and bringing to my heart to enjoy its color, fragrance and uniqueness in stark contrast to all that darkness of the world it left behind.

    “So I ask you to come to Me to be that flower that blooms between the cracks in the street or sidewalk or like the trees that grow erect off the side of a cliff — in seemingly impossible places — for there you will find the light.

    “Don’t give up. Don’t give in. But be strong in your light, your security and your sense of stability. It is then that I will come to you, well-pleased in you and say, ‘Come with me. Come to my kingdom. Come to my heavenly realm and desist from all struggle, from all despair and darkness.’ For I would have you be planted in my garden of flowers, which become immortelles and blossom for all eternity.

    “Such is the enduring quality of love. Of a soul for its Father and Mother — its Creators. The child ever seeks to come home.

    “So next time you feel that someone has hurt you and you want to lash back at them, do not. For inside of yourself is all of the blessed calm you need to shake off all these silly, unnecessary dramas that only keep us apart longer.

    “Take My hand. Cling to It. Do not let go. And I will be with you for all time. I am Christ Michael. Good day.”

    © The 11:11 Progress Group.
    “Make the very best Choices, this Day, this Hour, this Moment” —
    Christ Michael.

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  • Human Companionship – 11:11 Progress Group

    Chicago US of A, September 4, 2015.
    Teacher: Prolotheos.
    Subject: “Human Companionship.”

    Message received by Valdir Soares.

    Prolotheos: “Your olden writings are correct: ‘It is not good for man to be alone.’ Companionship craving is inherent in the human personality. Because human beings are unique personalities they can discharge many functions in solitude, but they really operate better when in companionship with other human beings. That is why in the evolutionary worlds most of life evolves in pairs of male and female, and are designated to be complementary to each other. Even in the celestial spheres many types of creatures, like angels, were created in dual types to allow for this complementation. Why is companionship so important to human beings?

    “Companionship is satisfying. There is nothing wrong with enjoying solitude; in fact, human beings also need seasons of being alone to enjoy themselves. However, fellowship is basic in the very definition of ‘life.’ Life is not really life if is not lived with others. Lonely seasons help to make us better appreciate the togetherness with others and vice versa. Companionship enriches our life experiences. Situations, events, projects and mainly leisure are better enjoyed when in association with our friends and fellows rather than alone. Simply being present is not companionship; it demands a meaningful human interaction so companionship can be really satisfying.

    “Companionship is instrumental. Many things can be done alone, but most of them can be completed better, faster and easier if done in partnership with others. Although primitive man was not very sociable, he had to learn to work in groups to better accomplish things in life; to find a wife with whom to share his life proved to be necessary and worth of enduring the irritations and frictions of daily.life. It’s sad that some religions on Urantia value loneliness as more spiritual than togetherness, when even the Paradise Deities have chosen in eternal and loving companionship in the Trinity.

    “Companionship is multi-beneficial. Doing things alone may benefit the individual, but doing in cooperation with others, can benefit several others — even a whole community. Teamwork is not only a more efficient way to attend to most tasks in life, but also the best way to share the benefits and credits with a larger group of people. Love, respect and compassion cannot really be practiced in solitude. You need to be part of a group, a family, the class in school, the team at work, your community, city, country … the human race. Social and loving service cannot be performed without others.

    “Some animals can also give you companionship, like dogs and cats, but never can they replace the kind of interaction a human being needs with another human being. People go in life looking for partners: a friend, a spouse, a fellow. Everyone needs companionship, but wisdom must rule their choices. Make sure the companionship will bring benefits to everyone involved. You can choose to live alone and sometimes that is a wise decision, but for most people, living in companionship is best way to grow as human beings. I am Prolotheos, your teacher-tutor on High, much enjoying your companionship.”

    Edited by Linda Abell.

    © The 11:11 Progress Group.
    Keep Before You the Goal of the Ages — Teacher Prolotheos.

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