The Return of Doug Stewart – Dank MEME Trading Company – Defango TV The Return of the DANK MEME TRADING COMPANY with Doug Stewart and Special Guests YOU! Time to get to some meme’s and good dreams. Contact us at or on Twitter @ognafed Donations link: Paypal Support VIA PATREON My Setup: Pixel 2 – S9+ i7 8700 + 32gb Ram […]

#Conspiracyland – Why PewDiePie Really pledges $50,000 to the Anti-Defamation league

Support the stream: Well Fans of Pewdiepie are up torn between a few things after he decided to pledge 50k to the ADL. Without a doubt he did it because he wanted to because no one can make him do anything but people are already spinning a narrative out of it. Pewdiepie made a […]

#pewdiepe Take back $50,000 Donotion to ADL #trollland Well that didn’t take long, looks like the community got Pewdiepie to take back the donotion from the ADL and now things are right in the world. There are many people already walking about some of the things said yesterday about this debacale and yet it still feels like it’s not over. People always […]

Defango TV Interview with Gabe Hoffman – An Open Secret Q&A 9/11 Memorial #isaacKappy We have an Live interview with Gabe Hoffman of An Open Secret to talk about a host of things being said in the public spaces. There has been a ton of disinformation about my connection to him that needs to be cleared up then we are going to get into some of these online […]

UFO TR3-B Spotted Over Oregon #spaceforce defango TV This is probably the clearest footage of a UFO I have ever seen and now It makes me wonder if the Space Force is more than just Hype. Brent Cousins of Thirdphaseofmoon showed the footage and I’m in shock that so many people have submitted their photo’s of the exact same event without any […]

Pulte Sweepstakes + #Hoggbelly spotted + mcafee zombies Defango TV #LightwaveSunday Sunday are always going to be #lightwave Sundays Now! We are going to be bringing back the regular showings of the Dank meme Trading company. I think folks are ready to finally get back to business. We now have Bill Pulte calling his #twitter Philanthropy a sweepstakes and now people are starting to really […]

Who is Bill Pulte? #twitterphilanthropy Data Mining #DeepDive Who is Bill Pulte? He’s the Grandson Of Real Estate Magnate Is Trending On Twitter For Giving Out $100,000 and more. He’s connected to one of the biggest housing builders in the United States with a rather unsavory reputation. Deep Diving into the money give away is only part of the puzzle of what […]

#overstock Patrick Byrne and the Russia Hoax #thefamily National Prayer Breakfast When Sara A Carter has Patrick Byrne on and he talked directly about peter strok and had photos of maria butina it seems to have only hit just a little bit. It get’s stranger because Netflix has a Documentary called “The Family” that talks about the National Prayer Breakfast. They are painting an interesting […]

8chan owner vows changes in House testimony over mass shootings 8chan, the online message board linked to several recent mass shootings, plans to restrict parts of the website during a “state of emergency,” the site’s owner Jim Watkins told a U.S. House panel in a written statement. 8chan owner Jim Watkins provided evidence to congressional staffers on Thursday to comply with a subpoena the […]

Democratic consultant denies affair with Ilhan Omar, Claims it a Front #bombshell A D.C. political consultant accused of having an affair with Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., insisted in recently filed court documents that the story was concocted by his estranged wife as an act of reven. Beth Mynett’s complaint for legal separation, filed last week in D.C. Superior Court, alleged that her husband Tim Mynett confessed […]