The _NSAKEY Microsoft Windows Mystery #backdoor #cryptowars

Windows 95 had a secret key that was claimed to be the ultimate backdoor for the NSA. Between Hotmail hacks and browser bugs, Microsoft has a dismal track record in computer security.
Most of us accept these minor security flaws and go on with life. But how is an IT manager to feel when they learn that in every copy of Windows sold, Microsoft may have installed a ‘back door’ for the National Security Agency (NSA – the USA’s spy agency) making it orders of magnitude easier for the US government to access their computers? What was found was brushed off as a conspiracy theory and the computer world went on trucking. Then we got the Snowden Leaks along with the Vault 7 motherload that told us something wasn’t right with that original statement. Would it be weird if the Clinton and even Mr Posdesta had a hand in the funny business going on with the keys of today? Welcome to the #Cryptowars


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