The File Conspiracy is Solved, A look at the files, Text, Connects, and Understanding

The File Conspiracy is Solved, A look at the files and Narrative.

I got a copy before they sent them out and had them uploaded to my mega in 7z compressed format from the FOX

It seems there are some mistakes in handling the files. I downloaded a copy of the “sethrichfile” from Jason Goodman’s file download. I Reuploaded them to mega and provided it to jason via skype as well as a untouch megaupload copy. I next provide them with a bittorrent link to the files they provided.

It seem Jason used my original file set to attack me, but in this video you will see comments between all parties that show Trish and Jason have been less than truthful about their documents. It also seems their set of files is 2 hours older than the original files that were taken from Guccifer 2.0 Leaks. This was going to be a controlled investigation about how the democrats actually trained people how to redistrict people and deal with changing the vote.

I believe there was been changes to the files Jason Goodman, Trish, and George Web are passing around. The original file dates do not match their documents. There is evidence of tampering with the original contents of the drive.

7dc58-ngp-van.7z — OG File from Fox to the Rabbit — Trish Files from rabbit, Csthetruthlink DL


They are not new files, just files I requested to be collected for proof of DNC and programmer collusion during the 2016 election. This was meant to be delivered when it was fixed. It was already submitted to wikileaks because they released it. This was a collective effort to get actually actionable evidence and not to be shared until data was gathered.

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