We were able to get the Leporine Key very quickly today when it dropped on the Satoshitreasure.xyz website. Right now we have 4 keys of 400 needed to enter the fray and find the solution. It seems that many people were looking to solve it but the QR code we needed to get a key was posted on Egg purchase page. We bought 8 eggs just to see if there is anything different about them and we will be doing another video on that. This We will walk you through the steps of finding this egg.


The Leporine Key | 4/21/2019 | FOUND | Follow the Crazy Rabbit

I envy them, Mamoru — the humans on the cusp. Their journeys required them to actually JOURNEY, instead of just blinking through the interstellar foam. Back then, you could still solve a puzzle on your own, instead of just feeding it to the Omniform… Oh, perhaps I’m wrong. But I think they must have been happier. (Intercept from ST291 Transmission)