The QuadrigaCX Exit Scam Exposed? $250m Crypto Heist? Gerald Cotton

For a while now people have been worried about another big hit to a crypto exchange. They story is that Gerald Cotten, CEO of QuadrigaCX died from complication in crhons diease while working his orhange in India and they lost access to COLD wallets containing the bulk of the funds for the user of the exchange. I guess he only had the keys and they can’t find the wallets so they can’t pay anyone. People were all right with it at first but after no death reports have been seen for over a month and intreped researchers have traced cold wallets. it seems that funds are moving out of all the BTC LTC and eth cold wallets as we speak and the official statement from the exchange is that they no access. I think we just discovered the biggest crypto scam to ever hit the internet and we are all wondering. What is the truth behind the QuadrigaCX Situation.


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