I myself feel rather safe keeping my Bitcoin secure. I, Like so many others use all the tools available to ensure I am the only one authorizing transactions from any of my accounts. I will cover a few things that IF you are not currently doing you MUST do them. They can take a little more time but it certainly is worth it to keep (Like in my case) your life savings secure.

When they pasted the selected address from the exchange the WRONG BTC address was placed. Most people including myself do indeed look at the address and notice major changes. This particular virus will get as close to the address that it is changing. We tried this from several different applications and found each time the address had indeed changed and was very very close to the original. The worst part about it is the way it gets really close to the original address. Knowing this was happening during one of the test copy and pastes it was so close I personally almost passed it as good. Bottom line. Double and triple check your copy and paste Bitcoin addresses.


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