Who is Bill Pulte? He’s the Grandson Of Real Estate Magnate Is Trending On Twitter For Giving Out $100,000 and more. He’s connected to one of the biggest housing builders in the United States with a rather unsavory reputation. Deep Diving into the money give away is only part of the puzzle of what is going on here. Did you know you have to pay 10 bucks to become a Teammate to collect if you win the prize? How about the horror stories off all the people talking about getting blocked by him for speaking up. We haven’t been blocked yet and so far it seems that major changes to his plan were made to their systems. We will be doing another update when we can find winners that are willing to talk offline. Right now this seems like one of those things that just going to get way worse before it gets better.

It’s not political now but it could be in the very near future. This Bill guys is not his family and that needs to be said. Right now I see Bill as a guy trying to fix the negative stuff left by his families name and using the money he’s getting from his friends to do it. How does a guy connected to Jack Dorsey of Twitter get away with this kinda crazy sweepstakes? Is this really for getting new users onto cash app? Why were they using Paypal then to pay some people about? What up with using venmo now too? It’s very strange that all these people have to sign NDA’s about what’s going on with their system and now I hear that people are having to setup their own “Gofundme” pages and instead of Bill paying them out, he’s just sharing out of the link and asking people to help with donations. Is this a better move? Is Pulte now just acting like the Donation baron and funneling people to money? Word on the street is that if Pulte is involved in your gofundme you gotta follow his rules or you don’t get anything.