Youtube Content ID Sucks, Jeff Price of Audiam wants to work with creators

@Youtube Content ID Sucks, @TuneCoreJeff of @Audiammusic wants to work with creators. Adding new direct disputes

So I made a video complaining about copyright claims made by Audiam Music on my streaming videos. I made it because I figured a direct video would provoke a response. I tagged his personal social media accounts as well as the companies to ensure my point got across. I was a Troll with a purpose. I knew I could not get anything from his company so I went to the top. In the past owners have been horrible but Jeff Price saw through my bullshit and offered a phone call. My whole goal was to talk to him and it took less than 6 hours for it to happen.

Jeff, was nice as can be completely defeating my Troll. Yet, he politely walked me threw content ID,

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